Antonella Iurilli Duhamel

Non ho filosofie: ho sensi... Se parlo della natura non è perché sappia cosa essa sia, ma perché la amo, e la amo per questo, perché chi ama non sa mai quello che ama né sa perché ama, né cosa sia ama



Antonella Iurilli Duhamel born in 1954 in Belvedere Marittimo, a little sea village on northern Calabria coast built upon the highest knoll for protection. Her education has been influenced by several existencial experiences, by the many different places where she has lived and from her mixed family roots. From her father they are in Puglia and from her mother they are in Liguria , Lombardia and France . She is a sculptor as well a painter and a psycologist, with an university background in linguistic, antropology and psycology. Her art is mainly focused on that themes that she always cared as an artist as well as a psycologist and as woman : the identification of the male and female sexual roles, and the relationship of the modern man with emotions, life and nature . She is member of the Italian Society for Fine arts in Verona, of the Quebecois society for Fine Arts, Canada, and of the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis of New York . She is very appreciated for her sculpted portraits and her works are present in private collections in Italy, Canada and United States.
She lives in an old house in between the enchanting hills dominated from the Soave castle and spends her summers in her born village working on a sunny terrace just in front of the sea.


Modigliani, Matisse, Gauguin, Mondrian

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